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Worspeess is most popular CMS right now and most of blog and e-commerce website are created via this platform although expertise called and more than 34% website created to wordpress but increase uses currently and called without doubt as Will more enhancing in future time

You may realize that There has big Opportunity Such as: SEO guide, theme customization, technical problem fix tutorial
Overall if you will face any problem then you could fix by over thousands of free online tutorial

If also you are a advance user then you can get a hole solution because here we will describe shared to dadicated hosting that has recently use the worldwide big website with good well and live experiment

Basically most of people want to get a good hosting service that not down
In addition to ensure exact speed and uptime from worldwide top country
We share like as reliable hosting server that amazing for you

1. Shared hosting -cheap price for small and medium website

Shared plan is most cheap and popular plan name that best choice for  who start a blog website or online based service provider such as pdf converting, GIF/JFG/JPEG, image editing, image art online, name generator etc and more suitable for shared hosting

There has two type of website plan as single and multiple
But I recommended if you are a new you can take a single website
After you can upgrade your plan  to multiple plan when you have dual or multiple website

For this I found three hosting server


Is one of them and trusted server that recommended by wordpress
I suggest it not for only wordpress recommendation
most of wordpress user choice it for their blog site
Rock your website to turbo speed
$2.6 monthly for 36 months plan and $3.95 for 1 years plan


Is Cheapest and reliable  hosting server and This is part of ooowebhost free server

 Hostinger firstable was small website server
But few years this is build the great online service
and it fimliar for cheap web hosting services

$.99 sent for 36 months plan
and $2.99 For 1 years plan
Most of blog and costum code website  beginner's choice it 
You can take it for cheap rate to amazing hosting solution

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More advantage for multiple site host
Altough has opportunity to single website
But provided good pricing for multiple website
$2.75 monthly for single site "Hatchling plan" and $3.95 for multiple site "Baby plan"
over all super loading speed and Amazing uptime

2. VPS hosting -reduce the server down time from shared plan

Virtual Private Server (VPS) is most popular for Quick loading and Super fast speed web host plan name

Shared hosting is cheap website plan name and this resource use lot of user at same time
Although some one provider can take fast speed but it applicable for without over traffic shared server
I called VPS is money saver to dedicated server even you can get dedicated resources here
VPS and Dedicated are almost is same

If your number of visitor exceed more than 30 thousands then i will suggested VPS plan


Bluehost is number one Virtual private server choice they provide allocated resource from world top countries and most scalable
2 GB RAM and 1TB Bandwidth $20 monthly
But I not recommended bluehost shared hosting plan


If you consider cheap VPS then Hostinger is one of the best choice for you
Lot of website owner choice hostinger for cheap rate
and has a powerful five operating system for excellent performance
They are popular Plan is $8.95 with 2 GB RAM
Small pack $3.95 with 1 GB RAM

3. Dadicated Hosting -unmetered bandwidth for large site

Dadicated hosting crafted by most fowerfull server
Data transfer and storage is unlimited
and here need a technical knowledge for control this server
Again, some one provider provide the managed Dadicated server
Whither No need a special technical knowledge

Particularly it use for BC minning, Game server control and more other big online project


All server hosted in world wide top located and has advace data center in United States
If you consider more us audience then you can start with Hostgator for exceeded world visitor
$90-$110 per month cost


Best buduget for standard user
Here you no need attention to performance and security they provide high-quality dodos protection technology

That maximize your server turbo speed with world top costum data center
$79 month and $119 renewal cost

4. Cloud Hosting -Keep To big file

clould hosting Is name of ultra modern resource hosting server
Website resource supply from multiple server
If any one resource down then other server resource quickly serving your website data
and Pricing is low from VPS plan

Particularly it uses for big and small
Online business for faster loading then shared server
Image and documents store in online 
Like as google drive and dropbox

Current time many website owner upgrade the shared to cloud hosting plan when Number of website visitor incrase


Is big clould and vps bashed service provider

has American, African and Asian high quality global data center
and here you can quickly set up your server without previous technical knowledge
$4 monthly price in addition has custom plan for more advance use


provide Local caching system and 2X Faster with 4X server resources
Also unmetered storage and unlimited bandwidth
$4.95 monthly charge to Single domain and  $6.57 for multiple domain hosts

5. Online store -build to Woocommerce website

New online store is specially build to E-commerce business setup for online store to world leverage marketplace
Or local business setup
For this I Choice the Bluehost woocommerce online stores

They provide all woocommerce tools in one package
It work instead to shopify alternative even owner you and  here all everythings can be easily setup and control from Theme costomize to payment system setup with local tax information

$19.95$ firstable standard plan and renews at $24.95 for 12 month terms

6. Reseller hosting - sell hosting plan

Hosting Business to Hosting business system (HB to HB), Any one can start this from some investment
Particularity it popular for local country
Where people isn’t able to purchases the hosting for debit/credit or paypal money
Reseller provider can be setup local payment method to (UA) user advantage

Also current time people starting this Business from medium budget, when gained popularity then increase investment and promote their business on social media or google paid searching in local country

Liquid web

Powerful Dadicated, VPS, Private parent eligible for shared plan selling also you can sell Dadicated and VPS clould plan with free WHMCS plugins 
$99 starting fee with WHMCS plan


Cheap reseller provider $19.88 month with 30 days money back garuntee
and 10% save to yearly term 
All everything handle with their cpanel

We want to decorated all hoisting information in our Hosting guide -Best Website Hosting guide for wordpress beginner's

Are you satisfied this review so leave a reply in comment box
Or not understand any part then suggest me now.

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