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Why choice greengeeks -greengeeks review

First time many people Find the cheap hosting services for connivance it is not bad

but you should know before the purchase of hosting which is the best service provider for your hosting
also lot of people known as after the first time use of hosting
as a result they loose website performance and after end of the 1 years they transfer hosting to others hosting server

particularly, first time if you host the good performance server then your website will be help to rank quickly, i am not called you host to greengeeks
it is your happy, but you require to find the first loading and quick response server that overall ensure the good performance to your website
today we see why greengeeks is important for your website

greengeeks is most powerful web hosting platform with lite speed LSCache mariaDB and they use quick Content delivery network. if you see their pricing then you see price is cheap and has deferent deferent date center for best time and loading speed
also provide the good customer solution as common advantages

About the greengeeks

It was Established in 2008 and headquarters is at Agoura Hills, CA
Most popular in North America as eco friendly hosting company and more than 3 Million website server still now for Shared, VPS and reseller hosting

Greengeeks pricing

For A new user they provide 70 % discount on first greegeeks bill 2.95$ per month add with discount
in addition has promo code opportunity as auto applied when you add to cart
if you compere to others hosting then you can see this is reliable and good price and perfect performance

Four multiple data center 

greengeeks has four data center location they supply data from
Phoenix US Test IP :
Chicago US Test IP :
Montreal CA Test IP :
Amsterdam NL Test IP :
you can Test loading speed by IP number
that provide the quick response time from all location also if you want to get quick performance from US Canada and Germany you take it

Super Server speed

A server speed is important for any website and first time should focused on the server speed
I analysis the loading time to deferent location
there has free Content delivery network and by the cloldflare as good for your site speed

by the bitcatcha

Average 180 ms or below in good for a website and you can see Singapore response time is a bit much but all other location perfect
and uptime is 99.9% that overall excellent

Fast Costumer Support 

They are provide fast costumer support for 24/7 to instantly without any hassle and lot of customer hasn't any complain they happy to greengeeks hosting
all over reliable and good customer support providing the good support for small, medium and large website

pors: Although has 30 day money back guarantee but are not refund 15$

we Recommended to greengeeks?
Yes, we recommended it because over all good performance provider for all month and provide good pricing rate 2.95$ per month with has 30 day money back guarantee.
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