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VPS hosting is most powerful and money saver compare to dedicated hosting and shared and properly working to like middle plan into dedicated and shared

Why fully managed windows VPS

In present time windows VPS  is most popular because you know that current time website competitor huge and competitor increase day by day

At this moment, has some disadvantages to shared hosting this great reason here’s server signal getting form others shared hosting when number of website traffic increase your and others website at same time then site loading time some down although has more enough uptime

In addition windows VPS is most important for all devices both uptime and loading time

Fully managed technical, hardware and software installing also other problem fix hosting server owner this great opportunity who want to fully dependable near provider


Fully managed windows vps server

  1. Liquidweb

Worldwide 10 different data center, unlimited site site access, dedicated IP address, 150 GB SSD Disk space, 10 TB bandwidth and clouldflare to super fast web performance in addition local backup, DDos Attrack protection Root access, 100GB free backup and uptime SLAs opportunity thus features included with all plan


  • Free local backup

Although Technical and hardware problems fix they owner after fully managed plan, for keep your website data protection from destroyed by cyber attracts or others harm to be need local backup


  •  Gigabit Transfer

Getting huge traffic in daily it has good options to GB transfer, if you have one more website, fitstable we unknown to which website will be rank on google

Once again suddenly increase number of website traffic

For this need GB transfer from low traffic to high traffic site

  • Advance security

Liquidweb providing Advance security with DDos protection form attracts

And it ensure integrate in fully manage server, you might realize that it is most important for advance level online business


Pricing (4 GB RAM)

  • $60/mo for 1 year plan
  • $85/mo for six month
  • $129/mo for single month

(8 GB RAM)

  • $85/mo for 1 year
  • $110/mo for six month
  • $169/mo for single month

(16 GB RAM)

  • $125/mo for 1 year
  • $145/mo for six month
  • $219/mo for single month


2. Accuwebhosting

No need physical computer or mechanical obstacle Just they handling in their own server, you can see and control all everything

 US, UK, CANDA, AUSTRILIA,GERMANY and BRAZIL Accuwebhosting server location

1 GB RAM,1-4 virtual CPU,1-4 IP Address, Fully managed SSD VPS,Daily backup, money back guarantee and hassle free cancellation

Their windows VPS is licensed from 2012 and provide cheap pricing compare to others provider


  • Easy to upgrade

Cheap rate even when you can upgrade at same price and upgrade process is easy but there has additional package for extra advantages


  • Remote Desktop access

You no required to  Hardware setup and installing work, it automatic remote access without psychical hassle just access via your desktop in virtually, It has good opportunity for SSD managed VPS ,It si most popular plan in present

  • One more US location

Different four data location only US county and Frankfurt-Germany, Sydney-Austrilia, London UK, Paris-france, JHB-South Africa, Montreal-Canada, Singapure with South-Korea are powerful location



  • $10/mo for 1 year
  • $12/mo for 3 month
  • $14/mo single month plan

3. Kamatera

Fastest windows hosting with 300% power CPU and data allocated from own resource

Worldwide 13 data centers to enhance web performance quickly load firwalls and private network with possible to run any windows operating system

So, this reliable to worldwide any location for online business if you will face any problem then you will getting quickly 24/7 human support


1024 MB RAM, 30 GB SSD Storage, 1 TB web traffic Additional traffic only $.01 per GB and Additional storage only$.05 GB thus features included with simple plan

If you need more advance features then you can chose Customized option


  • Custom Data center options

There are world enhanced data location to improve specified website traffic

In case want to select specified data center then you can choice easily into SIMPLE or



  • Kamatera console for simple management

Simple dashboard for easy task when user starting with kamatera then first able user will see console page that ensure user security and easy task management


  • Deploy your server without Special technical knowledge

When access their website will be see 27 seconds Auto play videos and clear setup guidelines

Although you will face any problem then they quickly fix


Overall kamatera is good ones to largest, large and medium bashed server as ensure here custom features such as : (server) Type, Virtual processor, RAM, SSD, Internet traffic bandwidth, Public IP, Operating System and Operating system Add ones


4. Softsys Hosting

Here is provide an extra advantages for backup daily and weekly backup cloud data and Available in US, UK, Germany, Ireland, France with 15 powerful global data center

If you want to transfer site from others hosts server then they can help to migration


  • Extra security

Looking compliance ready security? You site covered with HIPPA, GDRP, SOC, ISO etc

Secure solution solution for all services


  • Scalable performance by cloud resource

They help you to windows fully managed solution With Information and updated technology which can grow online business growth that ensure global reach

Here’s Available windows 2012,2016 and 2019


$25/mo for 2 GB RAM with basic plan,  has more advance and custom plan


5. Interserver.net

Interverver running windows VPS with Hyper-v it virtualization platform and system is always connected

Application is always connected while end of remote desktop access, their team instant setup and technical problem solve for hardware and installation that ensure all management

  • Updated windows server

Interserver windows VPS starting from 2012 that compatible to present almost device and has online reinstall opportunity at standard basic plan from here you can upgrade (windows server 2016) anytime

  • SSD Caching

Solid Storage Drive to Caching for your hosting and ensure to protect from cyber attracts to their own responsibility

 Enjoy $0.01 First month by use code:WEBSITEPLANATE


Overall, perfect for data processing, currency mining, forex stock and game



Absolutely Amazing choice because here’s provider management all working Don’t get technical assistant

You just visit your site as truly security and performance

Previously use fully managed windows VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting? then You can share your experiment

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