Cheap domain name registration (.com)


Domain registration is need to every bloggers to trusted near the audience and search engine
Some one people find the low price domain for google adsense Such as (.xyz), (.work), (.cf) (.me) etc and more extension
Thus extension hard to ranking on the google

Suppose,  your top ten compititor use the . com and . net  extension then if you have  .xyz then you can't able overcome there

So, if you want to starting a blog then try to use the popular extension such as (.com) (.net) (.in) (.org) (.info)
It is not mandatory to Namecheap or Godaddy, you can choice any other country’s company
But try to use old trusted domain name provider
Some one beginner's content creator
Finding the local transaction to buy the blogger and other CMS custom domain name that it’s helpful for them

Also here we find like as extension by cheap price for indians content creator that help to trust near  search engine and people engagement

Yearly Pricing Overview

#1.  DreamHost

Dreamhost is most reputed and web host provider like as bluehost, siteground, interserver as well and familiar in global marketplace for wordpress hosting
They have WHOIS Private protection to keep your save the personal information and here its free Also Automatically free advantage

But it is most profitable domain name registration company and DNS management made easy to user advantage
with Free unlimited subdomain

TLD   Register  Renewal (yearly cost)

(.com) $6.99     $15.99

(.net)   $10.99    $16.99

(.org)   $11.99    $15.99

(.info)  $13.95    $16.99

DreamHost help to help to beginner's blog site owner
Registration fee is ruduce than others company and renews is a bit much

Payment options of dreamhost
  • PayPal
  • ACH/Electronic Check
  • Check or money order
  • and global card payment method

#2.  Dynadot

 is low than namecheap
and ICANN accredited register company
Also you can find here Country and Top Lavel TLD For global and local country’s online market
In present time daybadot is most popular after the Namecheap and godaddy

TLD    Register     Renewal (yearly cost)

(.com)  $7.99       $8.99

(.in)       $6.85       $4.99

(.net)    $5.99        $10.99

(.org)    8.99          $10.99

[NB: With included the ICANN fee]

Although .in registration fee is $6.85 but renews is low
overall have suitable the top ten TLD

Payment options of daynadot
  • Skril (moneybookers)
  • Alipay
  • ecash
  • PayPal
  • Bank wire
  • Money orders
  • and global card payment system

Country based Multiple payment system for simple transaction in online or offline

#3. Namacheap

Old and global trusted cheap domain name provider and ICANN (technology) accredited register American company

starting business was in 2001 and recent time they provide cheap VPN, Business Email and Hosting service
Here domain transfer free and easy without any hassle
Whois Guard is free for 1 years That's any other people  can't know as personal information by your domain

(TLD)     Register    renewal /yearly cost

(.com)   $8.88        $12.98

(.net)     $10.98       $14.98

(.org)    $9.18         $14.98

(.co)     $7.98         $25.98

ICANN fee $0.18 excluded and others no need any extra hiden fee
Also Namecheap offerings cheap hosting $18.44/yr with  . tech,  . site etc extension but need more money to taken the popular extension

Payment options of Namecheap
  • Paypal
  • Bitcoin
  • international card payment
If they business handle in local country payment getway
May increase more sale

Also explore - 8 best cheap domain hosting company of 2021 

#4.  Hostinger

Hostinger anothers ones to take popular domain
Basically they popular for cheap hosting provider but also there are cheap domain extension
and have easy and affordable domain transfer opportunity
Also Premium web hosting ₹119/mo with have free domain offer for 1 years

(TLD)  Register   renewal /yearly cost

(.com) ₹606     ₹991

(.in)     ₹435      ₹546

(.net)   ₹905     ₹906

(.tech) ₹75      ₹3724

Taxes and fee isn’t include to this and over all good but need more cost to renews time to new TLD such as (.tech, . digital)

Payment options of
  • Rupay
  • Paytm
  • PayPal
  • Bitcoin
and with international card payment method

#5. Godaddy

Godaddy is most effective domain company in all over the world and more than 80 million successful registered domain from here

They are company launched was in 1999 but recently few years ago starting domain business by subdomain (

It is more advantage for indians customer whose get cheap domain and use own payment system

Pricing with renewal cost
Firstable you can see their website
.com ₹199 yearly but it is not applicable
Regular price 1049/yr
Now Their single 1 yearly cost is ₹899 and renews same cost
₹624/1yrs According to 2 years term registration

TLD      Register         Renewal  (terms)

(.com)  ₹1248/2yrs  ₹974/1yrs

(.in)       ₹748/2yrs    ₹599/1yrs

(.net)    ₹1079/1yr    ₹999/1yrs

(.org)    ₹699/1yr     ₹1069/1yrs

(.info)   ₹299/1yr      ₹1999/1yrs

[NB:  . com and  . net TLDs cheap offer Applicable for 2 years term]

Reraly they offerings promo code to reduce the cost
you can try promo code for more cost savings
Also here need more money to full domain privacy protection

Payment options of Godaddy
  • Net Banking
  • Rupay
  • PayPal
  • Mobile payments
and global card payment opportunity

#6.  Bigrock

Bigrock is one of them trusted for indians local privider company
That ensure UPI and country based payment options
Also here most of content creator are blogger CMS whose find the cheap TLD name by own payment gatway

TLD  Register  Renewal (yearly cost)

(.com) ₹799     ₹849

(.in)     ₹419     ₹599

(.net)   ₹399     ₹899

(.tech) ₹109     ₹3419

Payment options of Bigrock
  • Net Banking
  • UPI
  • Wallets
  • Bank payment
and international card payment method

#7.  Infosky

infodky is multiple online service provider company as web design, web hosting, domain registration and bulk SMS services and cheap domain provider in india

TLD   Register  Renewal (yearly cost)

(.com) ₹649      ₹700

(.in)    ₹499       ₹580

(.net)  ₹850       ₹850

(.org)  ₹870      ₹870

Infosky isn’t allow Online payment Getway, Only allows offline bank payment :  IDBI Bank, SBI Bank and United Bank of India

When you search the Domin name similar to your content niche then lot of time you may not find popular (.com) extension
Because firstable content creator want to taken the  [. com]
For this you can try  .net  or .in TLD that's perform like as . com TLD
and i always try to get website name with my niche
and this system help to incrase the DA
You can share below your experience as which company is profitable and suitable for Register a new Domain.
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