3 Best Portable power bank for Android Smartphone

Portable power bank charger for Android is help to working always while travel or going anywhere and shortly fast charging by powerbank without plugged in to home or office mobile charger

We called it great time saver and charging assistant for travel
Official Samsung power bank is most raputed brand for long time and quickly charging but in the current time Samsung portable charger isn’t available in Amazon it available in they are official website
We shared this link Below for your advantage
Now we focus on powerbank feature and pors

#1. Samsung portable power bank - 10,000 mAH

See from Samsung.com (At $34.99)

Samsung is popular company in global and 2.0 charging support that quickly power up
Also it safely charging overcharge and Over voltage protection, 0-2 times full charge ensure for Samsung Galaxy or others Android phone
In addition they provide micro USB Cable for charging

Feature of Samsung power bank

  • Hassle free 0-2 times full charge in Galaxy and other Android device when your are on the go
  • You can reload the powerbank just 220 mins and enjoying the Power for Fast charge your device
  • This based on Samsung initial test and result based on use environment friendly
  • Dual port charging capability Samsung power bank can be server powering two device simultaneously
  • Also samsung portable charger support low current charging when you need for your micro device Through micro USB Port

Product details

Price          : $34.99
Company  : Samsung
Widget      : 220gm
Colour      :  Pink, Silver

#2. Anker PowerCore Portable powerbank (10,000 mAh)

See from Amazon (At $14.39)

Latest smartphone and iPhone portable charger
Buit with fast speed charging technology in addition has11 safety future to ultimate protection your device from charging Accident

World renowned powerIQ with voltage boost combine to provide high speed charge for any device
It's fit easily into any pocket and Small bags even this power bank smaller than present smartphone

Feature of Anker Power core

  • 3 times full charge in your iphone and 2 times full charge for Android device
  • Multi protection safety technology for your device
  • Anker powerIQ and voltage ensure the safely high speed charging for your device
  • In addition they provide micro USB cable, Travel pouch, welcome guide, 18 month warranty. USB C and lighting cable for iPhone and ipad device
  • Designed to low optimized charging for low power device such as earphone, Bluetooth speaker and other device

Product details

Price          : $14.39
name         : Anker
Widget      : 7.5 ounces
Size          : 5.87×2.68×0.55 inches

Review     : 4.7 out of Silver

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#3. Wireless Charger powerbank (5000 mAH)

See from Aliexpress (At $21.16)

Wireless charger powerbank is Magnetic Attraction for iPhone and android phones and you can charging five mobile at a time 

Space is most small that possible keep anywhere when you travel or go anywhere
it's hassle free portable that you able to easily charge your phone without any others charging cable
you can use it for emergency charging helper when you are on the go then you can keep a one port (1000) with your phone
and for this no need the big space.

feature of wireless power bank

  • Different four powerbank treasure at charging station and possible to multiple device charging for iPhone, android and type c mobile phone
  • Smallest portable you can keep it with your key set Charger, Magantic wire , charging head included with this powerbank
  • The LED indicator shows the remaining bettery lavel making it easier to see the charge consumption of power supply.

Product details

Price         : $12.16
mini treasure : 6.5*3.5*1 cm
widget        : 175gm

whole set
widget        : 350gm
Reviews       : 5 out 5 star rating

We share latest powerbank for you, if you previously use any other powerbank then share Below your valuable opinion in comment box

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