Meghana River Deepth and Width

 Meghna is the deepest and widest river in Bangladesh and one of the largest and main rivers

Meghna is most attractive river
A visitor can be enjoy The beautiful weather at afternoon and the greenery along river are so beautiful to look
I think a huge part of the entertainment world is behind the rivers basin.
Bangladesh is a land of river, Entirely there are almost 230 rivers.
PADMA was biggest river At once time in Bangladesh but As a result of river erosion Meghna becomes the biggest rivers in the present

Area, Location and depth

Main place of origin the Meghna river located at the Lusai hill of Asam and at place of origin of Meghna river name is Barak river.
From here the river Meghna is divided into two names, one is Surma and the others name is Kushiyara
Surma and Kushiyara reconciliation of Name is Kalani, At last Kalani reconciliation the Meghna name at town of Bhairab Bazar

This river entries into Kishoreganj, Narsingdi, Brahmanbaria, Narayanganj, Comilla, Munshiganj, Chandpur, Bhola and
Lakshmipur districts of south-eastern Bangladesh.
At last Meghna river flows the side of Charfassion Upazila and joined to Bay of bangal

Meghna river length is 156 km, average width is 3400 meter and length is 330 km
this river nature is serpentine.
Average depth is 1,014 feet and this is most deepest river in Bangladesh

Categories of Fish in Meghna river

Meghna river fish

Fish is the favorite food of Bangladeshi people
That’s why Bengalis are called the fish and rice make a bengali
The main source of fish is river and Meghna river is one of them
There are 465 species of marine fish in Bangladeshi rivers
Notable among these are: Hilsa shad, Jaya, Ganges river spart, Orange-fin labeo, Rosy barb, Butter catfish, Pan sole, Catla, Banded gourami, Clambing perch, Pabdah catfish, African catfish, Glass-barb mirgal, Pabo catfish, java louch, Yellowtail catfish pama croker, Giant mudskipper, Swamp barb, Java barb, Ruhi, Mozambique tilapia, Long-whiskered catfish etc
In addition, there are many lake at side of the Meghna river basin where are found more species fish.

At a Glance Meghana river

Total Length330 km
Depth1012 feet
Place of originLusai hill of Asam
Root fishHilsa shad
Attractive islandChar hatiya, Manpura
Sonar char, Char nizam
Char kukrimukri
Nijhum dwip.
Place of endBay of Bangal

Attractive few island at basins of Meghna river


Munpura island is Thana of Charfassion upazila and it located at East of Charfassion with Meghna rivers
Manpura is amazin and natural looking island and the pleasant rivers weather that’s eye looking from near and so far
People live here before few era ago
and their main income source is catch fish from this river

Every year many tourists come here to enjoy this exotic beauty.
and there are many small and big boats to wander in the river


After that, there is The Island of Hatiya, Which is a completely isolated island and It is surrounded by Meghna
called the hatiya is char king because it isolated and big island of south area
hatiya has become habitable in recent times now people are living there.
Charkukri mukri is beautiful island of present time, every years lot of visitor comes here to see this attractive island
There are deer, monkeys, foxes, a few more species of animals and there has colorful birds that increase to the beauty of forest.
In recent times, a resort has been set up here to make it more popular near of the tourists.

Also there has few island those are beautiful, as well : Sona char, Nijhun dwip, Char montaz and Nizam
Those island/char located at the near Bay of Bangal.

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