7 Killer strategies to promote CPA offer without a website

Do you want to directly promote CPA offer?
Or want to promote CPA offer without a website?

Promote CPA offer without a website

CPA (Cost Per Action) is part of affiliate offer
Basically Sign up, Mobile installation, Pin submit, credit card submit is one of them offer
Sometimes it is US, UK, Canada and Germany countries offer and CPA rate is high thus country
But need to select specific traffic source and you may realize traffic source is principal element in CPA affiliate marketing
In addition need to avoid the spamming ways and It's not the big marketer

So, if you want to be a dedicated cpa affiliate marketer. you should be patient and working regularly with any good CPA network in long time
Here is common various ways to promote cpa offer without a website

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#1. Email marketing

Email marketing

Email marketing is effective method to promote any offer, you can promote offer to easy
and here Directly cpa link in your audience inbox
During the start of email marketing then first time you need to create a amazing landing page where people get an idea about this product, service or benefits
Because when you send  direct CPA link to your audience then conversation
Possibility is poor and most of time google this email send to spam box
In addition, if you will create a beautiful Landing page as people will trust your landing pading page and conversation possibility will be good.
For this you can use Getresponse Email marketing tools to landing page and sales funnels and its helpful Email marketing tools for beginner's to advance

Getresponse 30 Days free trial from here - https://getresponse.com
  • Create a landing page : Landing page is most powerful method to get traffic from google and social media for this you can use getresponse also its help to everything for Email marketing

  • 3 Ways to collect Email from Social media

1. Free pdf book download

This is first goals to collecting real email
You can offerings download pdf opportunity to user advantage
when a user want to download their specific subject then you can take her E-mail address
Particularly free base offer to do good work for this and many advance marketer use this method

2.  Free gift card

You may know gift card is old CPA offer, you can use this policy to collect
But you need to avoid the folse news although gift card is folse then others strategy

3.   Get product discount

This discount funnels and it may digital or psychical product
People love to get discount from any product and email subscription is easy ways here

#2. Pinterest

Currently Has 323 million active user in pinterest and most of Audience  comming from us and others 50% Audience outside of US country

Also most of us people explore the ceremony product by pinterest
So It's great opportunity to promote CPA offer particularly free Gift Card offer for gift in ceremony day
  • Create a account
  • Pin your niche related image that you want to promote
  • Following who interested your topic to follow back
  • Regularly pin here for help them
  • When number of follower incrase then add your cpa link in Pin post

Also pinterest is most popular to sell the Fassion dress for affiliate marketing.

#3. Facebook

Facebook is most popular social media platform and we everyone familiar to Facebook
From here you can driven traffic to your CPA offer easily
If you want to Promote CPA gift card offer then you can create a free gift card page where are decorate the gift card related article and share your offer

  • Create a Facebook business page
  • Regularly publishing beautiful post to your niche related
  • First of all Don't share the url
  • Share your page in others group to related this
  • You can paid promotion to quickly reach to audience
  • If you paid promotion any post or page then use landing page builder such as getresponse
Also can be directly conversation to your audience who engage your post.
it is amazing stretegies to promote offer by cheap price

In addition advantage here to paid Promotion offer in your tergated country

#4. Twitter

Twitter is second largest social media network and conversation rate id more Than other social network
#(Has) teg is great strategy to get traffic to Twitter search box

Twitter marketing

  • Create an twitter Account
  • Make sure your profile name to be your "brand name"
  • Search your topic and following who interested to your offer
  • Tweet and Retweet interesting content regularly
  • Share your CPA offer link here
  • Make sure your link doesn’t spam work

We everyone know that, us, uk and other Europe county's cpc rate is huge for this most of marketer tergated here for this
that means this is good social media for reach to tergatet audience.

#5. Popular Forum site

Has many popular Forum site to reach your audience but currently top social network remove the spammer profile
Before the sharing link you need make sure that it related topic to your niche
Quora, raddit, medium warrior forum is one of the forum site
Now we see how to promote offer in raddit

Raddit marketing

  • Sign in (Raddit) via Google account
  • Complete your profile information
  • Search your topic
  • Following whose people interested to your topic and join raddit group
  • Regularly post, comment and like them to incrase karma
  • When increase your karma than share your link now
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#6. Micro job site

Twitter, bing website doable to promote CPA offer by paid campaign
But there cost is huge, for this you can easily promote offer in micro job site and here campaign cost is low
Almost every country visitor find here and who work the low price and you can direct CPA link promote here.
but there has disadvantage is all CPA network isn't support this method
Microworkers, Pickworkers, Rapidworkers, jobboy etc, one of them micro job site Now we are promote offer in microworkers and it is the best to me for promote cpa offer
How to promote offer with Microworkers

[N B : Micro job site promote way isn’t applicable for all CPA network]

  • Go to microworkers site and sign up with all Personal information
  • Deposit money, Minimum deposit 10$
  • payment method : Dwolla, skrill and MasterCard, Visa, American Express or Discover
  • Go to Create TTV Campaign and arrange your cpa offer
but first time you should minimum deposit for test this method and create here small or easy offer that conversation rate will be good.

#7. Micro niche website

(Extra method)
Micro niche is long term ways to get traffic and It's not only required for CPA Marketing also it is great reason to Affiliate marketing
But beginner's people isn’t do this they want to quickly conversation and depends on paid promotion

you need to create your offer related micro niche
you may know that now marketer isn’t dependable at one platform to generate revenue
if you create a micro niche website then it will be help  to generate revenue from google adsance and other advertisement website also it help to incrase your both traffic by google search engine and other search engine

 Start a micro niche website by 3 steps

1. chose a domain name

 Domain name is main factor of micro niche website and help to get on going traffic to your website. As well want to promote ebook then you can pick a domain “freeebook” , “ebookreview” or those isn’t available then pick a name as similar to your marketing offer. If you first time create a website then it will be better to pick domain name from hosting provider. Boring to deferent domain provider

2. select a hosting plan 

after need to chose a hosting server and hosting plan, first able you can chose a shared hosting plan for this you can select
Greengeeks hosting server I like it because their hosting performance is over all good form US,UK ,Asia, Europe country also perfect uptime and loading speed. If you want to spend less money then start with
hostinger hosting server
after purchase of hosting plan then hosting provider will give a cpanel in your mail box and login your cpanel with a new password and install wordpress

3. chose a wordpress theme

Take a responsive and first loading theme or there has lot free theme for wordpress that you can take any one
and start your writing journey

I hope it is help to promote CPA offer and grow your marketing policy we are always try to provide best content for our visitor, After that if have any mistake we are apologise

if you have any question or more strategy please leave below to comment box.

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