5 Effective Strategy to Use Google Trends for SEO


Google trends seo

keyword search trends is very important for specific keyword ideas to sports news, E-Commerce businesses,local business, blog, YouTube and others website niche and keywords

At once time online marketing was easy work but recently this going to hard for marketer and blog writer to both

in fact, you know that visitor is main subject for a  online marketing
I not called it impossible
I confused!
for low traffic after started the blog site
and concern that will get i unique visitor?
if any one want to get huge visitor he will must do properly keyword recharge
In this afield google trend is help to find out the exact keyword analysis for blog, digital market and Youtube

Now we will know how to use Google search trends for keyword recharge and how it works

#1. Find out related keywords(queries)

many keyword tools in online for related keyword but it is different for exact Related queries with search volume
in addition here is country search trends that ensure to exact data analysis of a keyword

i finding the "men shoes" but men shoes isn't search trends here is you can see related queries "shoes for men" that has more trend in google

#2. Local Business

Local business is depends on Local areas people
if you can't know that what is the most popular product in this time then not possible to successful in Local area.
Here is find Local topic and keyword idea that what keyword trends is good via search option to "subregion" and "city"

This is one of the platforms for local businessmen
Because, at the present time, the era of competition is both online or offline
And before buying anything, he search in the Google

#3. Get Audience from Search in real time

search trends to help get huge visitor, it is important for news related website because news website topic is quickly reached the audience
also It is one of them for YouTube video creator
to find out in real time via YouTube search trends, when they are most likely to search for what they want to work on.
particularly, new product review is important popular topics
when a YouTubers create a video to real time in western country then get huge visitor from western county.

And YouTube trends is possible to send video to the visitor quickly.
also, could be known about daily and monthly visitor details.

#4. Exact Niche Ideas

Google Search works as a contributor to Trend topic Idea,
present time there are a lot of niche to marketing, if you don't choice to your rights niche then probably will be hard marketing
for this niche recharge is important.

Also, There are a lot of content creators online that deal with international targeting, but they do not understand what kind of content is more demanding in worldwide.

you can see i explore in google search trends to "men shoes" and here is trends shoe after Man it is topic
you can find your favorite niche to explore by "topic search" option or via "related topic"

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#5. See the Country Search Trends (region)

Country Search Trends is One of the features of Google Search Trends
basically, you realize that worldwide most of the people use Google for search anything because google is easy and if anyone search then google shown huge result in few seconds google save data in google analytics and can be called a county search trends easily.

A content owner can find out with google trends which country's of visitor more search in his specific content and it helps for target to international country
Also a international online Marketer can know at which county's of people find his product
and it is opportunity a marketer to promote products in a specific county.

Regardless, I want to tell that are you a marketer or content writer then you must know to use the properly keyword recharge
present time keyword recharge is number one ranking factor in seo.
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