Become a full stack web developer, Beginner's Guide


Why learn the web development?
In the current world, the number of online job scope is increase and future time web develpment has going to great career build opportunity in online or locally

Almost 24 million developer right now in all over the world and most of designer in USA
But It is not enough number of user need more expart for this sector

Why learn development or Career opportunity for a web developer

1. Freelance

Freelance web site is most popular options to earn revenue and It's first choice for beginner's or advance developer
There are lot of user make money from freelancer site such as : freelancer, upwork, fiverr are most popular

2. Work Locally without freelance website

Skills is power for any work if you have good skills then you can find work from any resources
particularly linkdin is most raputed social network
Lot of people find client by LinkedIn

3. Local office

Have good opportunities for advantage  programmer
Present huge peole working in own country office
This long lasting and trusted way to build career

Video Source : codedamn

Following this steps to become a full stack developer

#1. HTML - Hyper Text Markup Language

Hyper text markup language. It is the first and basic part for web design and it structure of application,
Actually it is not programming language
It's markup language to create the structure

<!DOCTYPE html>

Present time HTML5 is most updated syntax
HTML use a font end developer 
Firstable you need to learn HTML and HTML5 syntax

#2. CSS - Cascading Style Sheet

Cascading style sheet. A Application looks depends on the CSS
Because could beautifully design by the css that attractive a website visitor and CSS is control the all multiple web layout at once page
CSS is 2nd part we development section

      h1 {color:green;}
      p {color:white;}

There are 3 kinds of css
(1) Inline CSS
(2) Internal CSS
(3) Extranal CSS
Particularly it use in Web template and theme
Also you need learning the jquery if you learned css than query is easy language for font end developer

#3. Javascript - Real time data show

Javascript is the function of website Dynamically work that real time displaying to user activity
and javascript stacture created by there steps like as CSS
(1) Inline
(2) Internal and
(3) extranal

<!DOCTYPE html>

<h1> Javascript heading </h1>

<p id="demo"> Paragraph teg.</p>

<button type="button" onclick="myFunction()">click me</button>

function myFunction() {
  document.getElementById("demo").innerHTML = "Paragraph teg changed.";


Extranal javascript code is most uses in big application creation and it use both use in font and back end
But present time it most popular for back end development

#4. Responsive design - Properly shown in all device

Responsive design isn’t a others programming language
It's updated web design code that use for properly shown a software in all devices

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0">

Basically some of app Isn't properly show in mobile device for this hire the responsive developer

#5. Create a project - Live practice

When you 70% complete the HTML, CSS, Jquery and Javascript than create a project by this
It help to practically quickly learning

#6. PHP or phyton - Backend develop

PHP is beginner's friendly for back end development and PHP used the Facebook and Wordpress to their backend
But in present increase the paython use in day by day
Also some one people use Node.js

<!DOCTYPE html>

<h2> PHP Hello word </h2>

echo "Hello World!";


 Starting with any one specific language to back end

and avoid learning one more programme at a time

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#6. Git - Remotly work

Git is software version controller. Here most advantages is you can remotely work to your team in your office
It is advantage step for developer but first able you no need attend this coding 
When you complete the others main step than start to git

w3schools is most fimilier website to learn programme language basic to advance lavel
If you want to practice to free than learn with w3schools

If you want to learn more effective as is one of them 
There are more than 300 course and over 50 thousands Student Learn web development But here you have to pay every month.

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